Movie review: Dead Poets Society (English)

Set in the prestigious Welton Academy(Vermont, US), this film narrates the journey of a group of teenagers. Their education is boxed in a teaching methodology which prepares students for surviving in a cruel emotionless world by a hyper-focus on school prestige, self-discipline and studies. The teachers and parents are also constantly hammering the justifications of this educational atmosphere. In this drilled chaos an alumni of the school, Mr. John Keating, is appointed as an English professor.

Just like a poem is not about rhymes and meters but an experience to realize, life is also not a rat race but a poem to celebrate. Keating tries to imbibe this thought into the minds of students. By sowing small experiences in their paths he encourages them to find their own paths, pursue their hearts and overcome their insecurities without letting external validation mar their way. This teacher becomes a beloved friend of the students. While dealing with the ideological fights between the students and their parents, Mr.Keating teaches them to stand up for themselves and also takes us back to our teenage years. These students revive the club called ‘Dead poets society’ which witnesses the whole journey of the characters in the movie.

There are many teachers who teach to fight the world but very few like Keating who teach to explore our lived experiences and enjoy the beauty of life which makes us fall in love with him.

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