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20th-22nd Jan ’23

5-7 PM



A lecture series on the chaityagrihas of India
by Prof. Shrikant Ganvir

22nd January 2023



Ham Zabaan

Batch 6 of our popular Persian-Urdu course
Instructor: Ashwin Chitale

10th December 2022

7PM onwards

₹0,Registration mandatory

(In English)

Prof. H.D.Sankalia annual memorial lecture

Topic: 9th century terracotta plaque from a Buddhist monastic site in West Bengal
Speaker: Prof. Gautam Sengupta

Registration closed

6th August 2022

Sat 10AM – 5PM

₹200 (only lecture)

(In Marathi)

एकदंताय विद्महे ! (दिवसभराची कार्यशाळा)

गणेश या देवतेच्या उगमापासून तिच्या विविध रूपांबद्दल आणि त्याला अनुषंगिक पुराकथांबद्दल जाणून घेऊया,आणि आपल्याला भावलेल्या रुपात आपल्या हाताने गणेश मूर्ती किंवा चित्र तयार करूया. स्थळ शाकुंतल कलामंदिर, मयूर कॉलनी. वयोमर्यादा १५ च्या पुढे

Registrations closed

31st July 2022

7.00 PM onwards



Prof. M.A.Dhaky Annual Memorial Lecture

Shri Madhusudan Dhaky – The outstanding Architectural Historian

– Dr. Ratan Parimoo

(In English)

Registrations closed

8th July 2022

Fri 7-9 PM


(In English)

Stirling, Scotland (Case study to introduce cultural ecology)

This talk by Janhavee Belvalkar will primarily explore following questions: 1. How does landscape shape history of a region? 2. How does geology (eg. floodplains) influence culture?

Registrations closed

10th July 2022

Sun 6-8 PM



Gothic Pune

Beginning at St Paul’s Church and covering important landmarks like the General Post Office and the Ohel David Synagogue.
Please note that these structures will be seen only from the outside.
Meeting Point: St. Paul’s Church, Camp
Walk Leader: Ashwin Chitale. See you there!

Registrations closed

4th June 2022


“एकदिवसीय वारसा सहल”

भेट देऊयात सातारा येथील वैशिष्ट्यपूर्ण प्राचीन मंदिर समूह पाटेश्वर आणि लिंब येथील बारा मोटेची विहिर यांस आणि जाणून घेऊयात त्याच्याशी निगडीत काही भन्नाट गोष्टी, दंतकथा, इतिहास आणि अभ्यास.


14th May 2022


(In English)

Aaraaish — A course on Islamic Art

Rise and expansion of Islam
Impact of political and religious philosophy
Early art & architecture in Eurasia and Africa
Rise of Sufism
Regional Identities
Landmark miniatures and architecture

Registrations closed

5th Mar 2022



Bhuleshwar & Loni Bhapkar

One day heritage trip


12th Mar 2022

Sat 5.00-7.00 PM
Sun 10.00AM-12.00


Buddha -The Person, The Doctrine, The Landscapes

Introductory course on Buddhism

(Eng, Hin, Mar)


22nd-24th Nov 2021

7.00-9.00 PM



Remembering Prof. Walter M. Spink

A webinar in memory of Prof. Spink

(In English)

Registrations closed



Sanskrit & Mythology

Introduction to Sanskrit & Mythology through shlokas and stories for children between 10-13

Duration 3 months. Limited seats.

(In English)

Registrations closed




Talk on the life and works of moulana Rumi
(In English/Hindi)
Life story, original works, Sufism