The crux of this research is to trace the role and status of Madia women over changing times with special focus on marriage rituals and religious customs. The importance in analysing their belief systems, the women’s role in religion and to understand their life ways is at an urgent juncture.  As they stand at this point in time – well into industrial and technological development – they are losing their heritage steadily and being assimilated into the larger fold of mainstream religions.

This is a comparative study as the intention is to trace the changes that the religious customs have undergone for Madia women from 1930’s till the present, this will help us – broadly speaking – advance our understanding of religion as followed by the Madias in 2 ways – 1. What are the differences in religious philosophy between the Madia philosophy and Hinduism? and 2. What are the differences in the customs pertaining to women within the Madia community over time – which customs have stood the test of time and which are not popular or disallowed for various reasons.

Research fellows: Chetana Gosavi & Nisha Poyarekar


Research fellow: Nisha Poyarekar