About Us

SAṂBHĀṢĀ Foundation is an initiative for the research oriented studies of cultures from around the world including but not restricted to their past and present lifestyle, ideologies, religious beliefs, art, architecture, fashion and food habits. It is historically and archaeologically known fact that in the ancient past, just like the present there was a lot of exchange of ideas and materials in all the above areas.  

SAṂBHĀṢĀ Foundation aims to study all of this from a non- political and non-religious perspective based on scientific research through, historical and archaeological research tools.

The ultimate goal of this would be to promote peace and harmony beyond the borders of countries and religions.

Literature remains an important source of information to understand the cultures of the past. Languages are not just the means of communication but are the mirrors of the social thought processes. The cultures of the region impact the language and the language in turn affects the cultural systems. SAṂBHĀṢĀ Foundation therefore lays an equal amount of emphasis on the study of languages and literature.

We believe that the children are complete human beings and can think independently albeit pending their physical development. We therefore plan to enroll children of all ages in this process of cultural explorations for the betterment of humanity, through a separate kid’s club.





SAṂBHĀṢĀ Foundation will be a trusted research centre in the field of culture and heritage studies and languages.


SAṂBHĀṢĀ Foundation would encourage and conduct scientific research in the field of cultural studies and languages and disseminate the results of research or information through academic courses and field trips with a view to promote harmonious relationships between various cultures.

Founder’s note

The thought of sharing what I had learnt by understanding the cultural similarities and respecting the differences made me create this formal forum.