Movie review: Gho Mala Asla Hava (Marathi)

Situated in a small village of Konkan, Gho mala asala hava is a story of cultural structures and the brave struggle of a girl who is thrown into a marriage she never wished for. The protagonist named Savitri falls in love with a local fisherman. Meanwhile, her parents arrange her marriage with a Mumbai based suitor. She could not resist the marriage but wasn’t ready to compromise. So she plans to use society’s tool of superstitions for it. Although the movie spends a lot of time displaying societal evils and the fight against it, yet the narration is engaging, fun and enjoyable.

Displaying the various layers of societal norms, this movie showcases the intricate culture of a typical Konkani village. The houses with thatched roof , the food including murmura laddu, the attire including Aboli gajra (flower garland for hairdressing), the marriage ceremony, local market and the Konkani dialect. Every frame is designed with the minutest details in mind and creates a complete and genuine cultural universe for us. The music of the movie also has a regional flavour making the narrative more authentic.

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