• SAṂBHĀṢĀ stands for scientific and healthy dialogue on cultural diversities and similarities.

SAṂBHĀṢĀ Foundation presents
Patkatha – Weaving stories through Indian textiles

You are cordially invited to an exquisite showcase of handpicked Indian textiles celebrating sustainability, craftsmanship and timeless fashion.

Visit us:  11am – 7pm | 3rd & 4th March
Venue: Darpan Art gallery, Kalachhaya , Gokhalenagar, Pune



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Collaborations allow us to do more!

We are delighted to announce the signing of MoU with The Culture House of Iran, Mumbai.

The Culture House of Iran is more than 60 years old in Mumbai and has held various activities in the field of culture and art – such as film festivals, handicrafts exhibitions, calligraphy and Persian language courses and therefore is recognized as a valuable cultural institute.

We look forward to an enriching collaboration.

MoU Iran Culture House


Sign MoU ICH


Plan for the future…


Our long-term goal is to emerge into a research centre and undertake various research projects on all aspects of culture independently and in collaboration with other like-minded institutions.


Teaching is an important part of a research centre as that is how the knowledge gained from research is disseminated to the masses. SAṂBHĀṢĀ Foundation will continue to organize specialized courses, workshops and lecture series for seekers of knowledge in the field of cultural studies.