Geri Hockfield Malandra, Ph.D

Dear Team Sambhasha,

I could finally take the necessary time to view all of the videos from your seminar  in honour of Walter’s second death anniversary.  I regret that I was unable to join during the event.

Each presenter was so interesting and knowledgeable:  the mix of on-the-ground experiences made it a really terrific seminar.   The combination of shared and unique knowledge of Ajanta and personal memories of Walter was a tribute to Dr. Spink’s generosity and delight in debate and his work together with generations of students and colleagues in India.

Taken as a whole, your seminar gives one confidence that the study of Ajanta and related topics will continue to thrive–together with exploration of unresolved issues.  I hope plans to continue the tradition of the Ajanta site seminars will go well and that Covid does not become an obstacle to a successful event.

Please keep me informed if future seminars are planned.

With congratulations and many thanks for allowing me to view the program,