From the Founder’s desk…

I was always interested in learning languages and reading literature. Particularly the literature that involved human interaction, their thought process and Psyche. While learning Sanskrit in my late teens met a Japanese girl and became close friends with her almost instantly. She spoke fluent Hindi and was learning Marathi. I was intrigued by her command over Hindi and suddenly took to learning Japanese. This opened a whole new Vista of new language and a new culture. 
As I went through various phases of my careers as a Legal corporate professional and  later as head of an Educational Institution, I came across people and situations where I realised that we as a community talk a lot about the rich culture and heritage of India, but rarely do we try to understand what it really is or means. The fights over cast, religion, languages just don’t seem to seize, despite our slogans of humanity and human rights. Could hardly do anything about it due to other preoccupations and priorities of life.
In my late forties, finally  the life gave me a chance to study Indology and Archaeology where I got an opportunity to study our culture systematically.   The thought of sharing it with the world and trying to bring the world together by understanding the cultural similarities, and respecting the differences made me create a formal forum for the  same.
Chetana Gosavi