Family traditions archiving project

At SAṂBHĀṢĀ, we believe oral history and written word are complementary in nature and contribute their strengths in the process of knowledge-building through different methods.

Our vibrant culture has been a treasure chest of many traditions, enhancing generations since time immemorial. These cultural identities are sustained and transmitted, especially in the Indian subcontinent, through complicated ways – rituals, narrating stories through performative arts like dance and music, food preparation, crafts and the list is endless.

We are taking big strides into the world of written records of history.


The family tradition project

With preservation as a primary goal, we have launched a “Family tradition” project for documenting family traditions which are unheard and hope that you will trust us with a part of your heritage.


The secondary and long-term motive is to make these tradition-stories discoverable and deepen our anthropological understanding.


We hope to discover similarities over different time spans and/or landscapes and fill the gaps in recorded history.

Submit your story


Does your family have a special story attached with celebration of Gauri-Ganpati? Are there unique offerings made to your family deity?


craft & Art

A special craft tradition that your family specializes in making e.g. mirrors, wooden toys, etc.



The Brahmin community in Maharashtra have special seasonal songs. If you  hum those, we would love to document them





Does your family or community follow menstruation taboos? Are there beliefs your family follows that have no reason?


Does your family have a special way of making certain masalas/pickles? Are there certain cuisines associated with festivals you celebrate?



Have you heard a different version of a popular story? Are there